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School Representatives Wanted (Teaching & Learning Committee)

The ECU Student Guild is looking for 2 more representatives to be a student voice in their School, by sitting on its Teaching & Learning Committee.

Representatives are responsible for discussing, proposing changes to, and voting on matters relating to teaching and learning, including the creation of new units and amendments to courses.

We are looking for one representative from the School of Medical & Health Sciences, and one representative from WAAPA. To apply, complete the linked form.

Your current representatives are:
School of Engineering – Gavin Bathgate
School of Science – Liam Dans
School of Nursing & Midwifery – Emily Thomson
School of Business & Law – Greg Warren
School of Education – Justin Blanch
School of Arts & Humanities – Lewis Price

For more information, or to get into contact with an existing rep, message our facebook page or send an email to

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