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Important Documents

Your Guild is incorporated and established under the Edith Cowan University Act 1984 (WA), which also incorporates ad establishes the University. Refer to PART IX for information on the Guild.

Your Guild is largely funded by the SSAF which is a fee levied by the University which then apportions a sum of the money to fund student-run services and amenities – as who knows what students want and need more than students?

The Constitution is the founding document for the Guild which helps govern its structure, functions and policies.

The Standing Orders are the document that governs the process of Guild Body Meetings.

The Election Procedures are the regulatory document which all participants in the electoral process must follow.

In addition to the Act, the University’s Statute No. 11 also help govern the Guild.

In accordance with the Constitution, your Guild’s Senate makes policies that provide direction for the Guild and establishes its direction and stances on issues pertaining to its members.
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