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Guild Student Assist

The Guild Student Assist Officers (GSA’s) are professionally trained staff who form a core component of the Guild – providing advocacy and referral services for you.

Our service is free and confidential to Guild members; only GSA’s have access to your confidential information.

Our GSA’s can:

  • guide you through the appeals process when appealing a result, academic progression status or other University decision;
  • assist you with writing appeal letters;
  • help you resolve grievances (informally or formally);
  • support you if you are accused of academic misconduct;
  • attend University meetings with you;
  • refer you to relevant services if you have legal, housing or tenancy issues;
  • help you with Centrelink queries;
  • assess your eligibility for our Emergency Financial Assistance Loan Scheme or;
  • refer you to appropriate University support services if you are unsure about where to go.

Feel free to make an appointment or visit our Guild Offices at:

Joondalup Building 34.215
(08) 6304 2640     
Mt Lawley Building 12
(08) 6304 2640     
South West Building 7
(08) 6304 2640


If you feel that a university decision has been unfair, you may be able to appeal that decision. Appeals can be a complicated process, and the GSA’s can support you each step of the way.

You should contact us if you:

  • need help and detailed advice about appealing a grade for an exam, assignment or unit, including practicum units
  • have been excluded from your courses and need advice appealing your Academic Progression Status
  • would like someone to attend an ECU meeting with you
  • have been accused of cheating, plagiarising or other misconduct and need detailed advice and support; and/or
  • have experienced special circumstances which have impacted your studies and need advice about how to withdraw after the census or academic penalty date.

Our GSA’s can meet with you and ensure that you have the right level of representation and follow the appeals process correctly. They can also act as a “support person” for you with any meetings or hearings you attend if you need them to.


We offer emergency interest-free loans to students in need, upon application. (In order to qualify for the Emergency Assistance Scheme you must be ineligible for an ECU loan. Please visit  Money Matters for more information about ECU Loans.)

We can also refer you to financial counselling services if you need help balancing your budget. You should contact us if you:

  • don’t have enough money to eat or pay your bills
  • can’t pay your rent or want to know your rights as a tenant
  • have a Centrelink query that you can’t get an answer to online or over the phone; and/or
  • are in conflict with your housemates, family or landlord.


At the start of the semester the ECU Student Guild offers financial assistance in the form of Co-Op vouchers (valued at $100) to eligible students. There are a limited number of vouchers available per semester and these are allocated according to each individual applicant’s eligibility. The grant can only be used at the ECU Co-Op Bookshop. Applications are now open for Semester 1 2018.


If you are feeling sad, lonely, stressed, confused or overwhelmed about your course or a personal issue and aren’t sure about where to go on or off campus for help, then please feel free to contact a GSA who can refer you accordingly.

ECU has a team of counsellors and psychologists as part of the student counselling service.

For more information on other ECU support services visit


Whilst our GSA’s can’t give you legal advice, we can refer you to appropriate legal services. Contact our GSA’s to discuss your situation and how we can help.

The Northern Suburbs Community Legal Centre is located at the ECU Joondalup Campus and can provide legal advice, advocacy and education. They provide limited representation on matters of family law, civil law, tenancy law and some criminal matters.

Unfortunately due to high demand we cannot accept walk-ins during peak periods. The easiest way to ensure you can talk to a Guild Student Assist officer is to go online and book an appointment at your nearest campus.

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